Friends of Shopware

FriendsOfShopware is a group of passionate developers who have banded together to build solid and well tested Shopware Plugins using modern coding standards.

How do I get in touch?

Join the chat at

Several of us hang out in Shopware’s gitter channel. We also have our own gitter channel. Finally if you want to ask for a vote (for example to propose a new topic/plugin) please have a look at the contribution document.

How can I become a member?

All maintainers of a project are automatically in the Friends of Shopware group. That doesn’t mean that you have to provide an own plugin. Contributing to our existing plugins is also very important and we are always glad to find new developers for our exciting projects.

If you do want to contribute your own plugins, please be aware that we won’t guarantee admission before you provide at least a functional prototype. The important thing is that you are convinced by your idea and you should be developing solely for this occasion.

Code Review Workflow


Project Description Project lead
FroshCodeCeptionTests Codeception Testsuite for default Responsive Theme Tim Windelschmidt (@fionera)
FroshProfiler Symfony Profiler ported to Shopware with custom collectors Soner Sayakci (@shyim)
FroshGrafana Track your shopware and server statistics within Grafana Kai Neuwerth (@Crease29)
FroshTemplateMail Store mail templates in theme Soner Sayakci (@shyim)
FroshAdminer Adminer for Shopware Soner Sayakci (@shyim)
FroshViewSnapshots Record or Log views David Neustadt (@dneustadt)
FroshVariantSwitch Shopware plugin to switch variants in basket and checkout views David Neustadt (@dneustadt)
FroshMailCatcher Simple mailcatcher integrated in Shopware Soner Sayakci (@shyim)
FroshSimultaneousEditNotification Backend Notification when multiple users working parallel Soner Sayakci (@shyim)
FroshMaintenance Collection of tools for Shop Maintenance David Neustadt (@dneustadt) Alexander Wolf (@eemzet)
FroshPerformance Collection of performance improvements Soner Sayakci (@shyim) Sidi Benmoh (@sbenmoh)
FroshIonCubeChecker IonCube check for Shopware plugins Lars Schröder (@larsbo)
FroshWebP WebP Support in Shopware Soner Sayakci (@shyim)
FroshMailArchive Simple MailArchive for Shopware Sebastian König (@tinect)
FroshHttpCacheIpExclude Exclude clients from Shopware HTTP Cache by IP, Params or Cookies David Neustadt (@dneustadt)
FroshDataTableLayout Adds data table to the available product layouts of categories David Neustadt (@dneustadt)
FroshShareBasket Share basket as link, everywhere Stefan Poensgen (@stefanpoensgen)